Forever 21 Store - Pitt Street Sydney Shopping Mall Precinct

Spot Lights, Down Lights, Pendants
& Linkable Cove LED Extrusions

TM Lighting Group recently provided state of the art 90+CRI LED light fixtures for major international department stores in Sydney and Brisbane.

Over 7,000 LED Track spots, downlights, decorative pendants and linkable cove LED extrusions were supplied.

Along with general ambient lighting, accent lighting was also a priority for highlighting merchandise throughout the store. Hence narrow beam 17° and 32° medium flood were selected to achieve satisfactory LUX levels, whilst offering high colour rendering index of 90+.

Under direction of the client we provided a design brief to meet section J6.2A 2014 along with 3D rendering and work plane calculations. This was approved by the client and full documentation was provided by TM Lighting Group Pty Ltd for submission to the Sydney city council for approval.